When you are investing in real estate in Beirut for letting business, you must work with certain professionals to make it a success. One of these professionals is a real estate developer. This can be an individual or an entire company. They can help you meet your needs during investment and construction.

A developer looks at the value of your project, its location and cost to advise you well on how to make your dream a reality. They analyse your expectations as the customer and provide you with high-quality realty products. You need a developer to help you subdivide the property into plots and erect the building for letting business.

A real estate developer has relationships with key personalities such as equity sources, contractors, attorneys, civil engineers, and architects. They can also introduce you to appraisers or brokers that you also need to facilitate your project. They need to maintain close relationships with the local government for them to seek help that can make your project progress. They should be flexible and establish a strong team that works together towards construction in your investment property.

You also need a developer who takes calculated risks to prevent you from challenges of investing in real estate. They have to mitigate risks so that you don’t incur additional costs on expenses that were not part of your development budget. They also must inform you of any extra costs such as VAT, electricity, sewerage or service tax.

You may face problems as you try to make your project a reality. That is why you need a developer who is experienced in real estate development to advise you when issues arise. They know more than one way of dealing with development challenges and can direct you on the best possible solution to problems.

They have solutions when it comes to zoning issues and can help solve disputes with the next landowner. A developer can also provide insights into creative site planning and help you progress the project at a good pace. You may have the idea of how your investment will look like, but a developer has exciting designs and the building materials you need for your investment project.

A real estate developer provides you with construction methods that are the best for letting business. They understand what the community needs as well as future demands in the real estate market since they know the market conditions.

During investing, a developer should ensure that your title deed is clear to avoid future complications with the authorities. They should also acquire legal clearance before starting to work with any investor. This helps them find out if there are any outstanding notices related to your property.  It is their responsibility to approach a financial institution to obtain development finances.

If you are investing in real estate for the first time, a real estate developer should take you through the different terms that are specific to the project. They should also guide you through the plan and utilize raw materials wisely to prevent a shortage.

Are you considering investing in real estate in Beirut for letting business? This can help you get high financial returns within a short time. You may, however, need a property manager to help you with landlord duties as you focus on other issues. Though outsourcing this service can give you peace of mind and make your property profitable, it is not easy to get the right property manager.

You can choose an individual or a property management company to help you manage the property. Different companies offer this service though not all of them do a good job. For you to find the right property manager, you should come up with a job description that is detailed and be able to inquire on all the relevant information so that you can choose one that meets your requirements.

The right property manager can save you headaches of dealing with non-compliant business owners in your property.  A good property manager should have the right connections to fill your property with reliable tenants who run successful businesses. They should be able to handle numerous tasks such as marketing, collecting rent and handling daily maintenance as per the request of tenants.

They should also deliver efficient management without including expensive services that force you to incur more expenses. Your property manager should help you save money and not waste it. You, therefore, do not want one that adds unnecessary expenses for personal financial gains.

For you to get the right one, ask for references or recommendations before hiring the first one you encounter. Most investors are so exhausted from all the work that comes with investing that they overlook the importance of referrals when hiring property managers. You don’t want one that has poor communication skills or one with no experience on how to fill the vacant space with tenants.

Other real estate investors who have used property managers before or agents can refer a good property manager to you. Make an agreement that outlines the payment terms of the manager according to your needs as the investor.

You can agree to pay them half of the rent when they fill vacant units. Some of them charge for marketing fees as well as maintenance costs. Discuss all these issues while interviewing different property managers to reach an agreement before hiring them to avoid any issues in the future.

Also, look at the qualifications of the property manager before picking one. They should at least have a license and some experience of managing the property. Outline your clear expectations so that they can understand their responsibilities fully to avoid problems. They should hire contractors, market your property, screen applicants and fill the property with business owners.

They should also file for any evictions if a tenant does not pay their dues and coordinate with property attorneys to get back rent on your behalf.  Outlining the requirements will help you get one that is willing to meet your needs. Also, try to find out the process they use to screen applicants or market the property.


Real estate partnerships is a form of formal and legal agreement that can be beneficial when investing in real estate in Beirut letting business. You may not have enough resources for the project, but by partnering with someone else, you can both contribute toward making the project successful. It is a way for you to benefit strategically, personally and also financially.

A partnership agreement should be detailed and specific for it to work. It should entail the role of each partner as well as individual shares. It is important for you and your partner to sign the agreement and keep copies for future reference.

A business partner can help you grow and expand in investments by pulling finances for better deals. You can also qualify for loans from a financial institution easily with a business partner. Real estate partnerships are a way for you to expand your network as they make it easy for you to access different financial resources.

With a business partner, it is easy for a lender to approve your loan. They also bring in more money so that you can invest in more properties and continue letting them to business owners. Your partner probably has his own connections and acquaintances that can come in handy for you to make successful investment deals.

They can introduce you to future lenders, good team members as well as contractors to work with. They can also expand your client lists so that you can easily get business owners to occupy your property. Real estate partnerships increase the chances of success by diversifying your portfolio and opening you to a new world full of opportunities.

You also need a business partner that complements your qualities. As an investor, you have both weaknesses and strengths. There are some tasks that you may not be able to do on your own. Bring a real estate partner into the picture introduces you to new strengths as well as weaknesses.  By working together, you can complement one another’s qualities for you to establish a stronger team.

Get a second opinion from a business partner who has been investing in real estate for a while. Sometimes, when you are working alone, you can get emotionally attached to the property that may not be the best to invest in. You may also encounter problems during the process of investing. Having a business partner gives you an extra set of eyes to give you their opinions from a new perspective. They can also come up with different ideas to help you with potential problems.

Investing in real estate requires a lot of effort since there is a lot of work to handle every day. A business partner helps you delegate duties equally between the two of you as you consider your strengths and weakness. Delegation ensures that the work is not overwhelming for one individual and make the process enjoyable.  For you to get all these benefits from partnerships, you must find the right one. You should understand your needs as the investor before bringing someone else into the picture.

One of the requirements for making a real estate investment is having a high credit score. Though this is the case, you can still start investing in real estate in Beirut for letting business and make money from it without a good credit score. You, however, need to ensure that the investment has the potential to generate high returns within a limited duration.

The first tactic you can use to invest in property with an average credit score is considering a rehab property. It is possible for you to get a loan that covers the cost of purchasing a distressed property. Rehab property needs renovation before leasing it out for business.

The price of such property is lower compared to others in the market making it affordable. It is upon you to make the necessary repairs on such property to attract potential business owners. It may need more labour compared to other properties but purchasing it may cost you less than other types of properties. Investing in rehab property can encourage you to improve your credit score.

A co-signer is another option when you are purchasing for the first time without a good credit score. A co-signer can be a friend with a high credit rating. They are the guarantor when you apply for the loan as they put their credit up for you. Choose this option when you are sure that the investment will give you returns for you to repay the loan. You must make monthly payments to avoid lowering your credit score and that of your co-signer.

You can also find a partner who is interested in investing in real estate. This option may call for splitting profits that you make from investing in the property. It is worth considering when investing in property to let to business owners since there is a high chance of getting returns quickly.

Alternatively, you can apply for a second mortgage. If you already own a home, you can use this option due to the presence of collateral. It can, however, be a risky tactic since you should have sufficient income to pay for the mortgages. Take time to make proper preparations before applying for a second mortgage to avoid losing both properties.

A significant down payment can also help you secure a loan even when your credit score is not as high as expected. A large down payment tells a lender that you are financially stable due to the ability to save a good amount over time. They can consider you for the loan since you show the potential to repay it even if your credit score may be low.

It may take time and the interest rates may be high, but it can help you invest in real estate without depending on someone else’s credit. You can also work with other investors to invest in certain properties collectively. A REIT is a good place to start your investment as you work on improving your credit score.

When investing in real estate, you must strive to get the best deals to avoid going beyond your budget. This should be a priority whether you are looking to flip the house, lease it to business owners or reside in it. We will outline some of the tips you can use to get the best deals for real estate.

Try buying foreclosed property. Sometimes, a lender may repossess property when an investor fails to pay the mortgage. The lender can list this property for sale on real estate market. Though there is no joy in someone losing property, it can be a good deal for you. It is the wish of the bank to remain in business without worrying about managing the property. You can, therefore, get a significant discount when investing in such foreclosed property. Get the help of a real estate agent to help you buy this property.

You should also act fast to get the best deal on the market. Convince the bank to give you pre-approval for the loan soon enough so that the best deals do not pass you by. If you identify a new listing, make your offer within 24 hours. An agent can help you receive notifications in the form of email alerts of new properties in the market. As soon as you receive notifications, be quick to check it out and make your proposition early enough.

You can also look at the properties that have remained on the market listing for long. The owner of such property may give you a discount for investing in the property since they may be desperate to sell. Investment properties continue to be in high demand. That is why you should not solely rely on the listing service to secure one. On the contrary, you should try to reach owners directly. This strategy can help you get in touch with an owner before they list their property using an agent. Approach absentee owners by getting them on public records.

Also, consider properties that may not be in the best condition. Do not shy away from smelly properties that have not been well maintained. Such areas may not have a lot of competition compared to others. It is easy to fix such property with a little clean-up and good coating. The nastiest properties are the most profitable if they are in a good location. You can easily get tenants who want to start a business in the property.

Sometimes, it is good to look for property outside your comfort zone. Try investing in real estate in Beirut for letting business. Such an area is growing and has available inventory at low prices. Ensure you research adequately for you to be conversant with the neighbourhood before investing. Identify if there are business owners look for properties to let and if the area has a lot of potential customers. You may need a property manager to help you run your investment property if it is too far from home.